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Australia’s only Chilled Beam “Scenario Analysis Facility”, state of the art Climatic Test Laboratories are the flagship of Climate Technologies R&D Technical Centre based in Salisbury, SA. 

The Climatic test facilities are capable of Project specific testing including  

  • Thermal Capacity Validation in accordance with EN15116:2007 
  • Project specific testing for occupied zone thermal comfort parameters according to ISO7730:2005 
  • Solar heat gains including corner office simulation (having 2 radiant walls) 
  • Perimeter zone up to (and exceeding) 170W/m2 
  • Centre zone  35-75W/m2 using Din men “thermal mannequins” 
  • Thermal and air velocity topographies at 
  • 1.8m AFFL 
  • 0.8m AFFL (working plane) 
  • 0.15m AFFL 
  • Smoke visualisation testing 
  • Acoustic data collection 

This provides a local key tool for Consultant Engineers to model space behaviour under strictly controlled conditions prior to any site installation, assisting to refine designs and avoid poor thermal comfort problems occurring at site once the building is fully occupied. 

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