Passive Chilled Beams


As cold water passes through the chilled beam, the warm air from the room is cooled on the cold surface of the beam. The cooled air (which has a higher density) then streams through the chilled beam and down into the room (see Picture 2). This leads to air circulation in the room, where warm air from the room is continually replaced by cooled air. The cold surfaces of the beam also absorb heat radiation from warmer surrounding surfaces.  


  The high radiation quotient leads to direct heat exchange between the cold surfaces of the beam and the warm surfaces in the room. The radiation quotient for Carat is approx. 35% of the total emitted cooling effect. This is a high quotient, compared to conventional finned battery beams, which have a radiation quotient of approx. 5%.  

Direct heat exchange, through a high quotient of radiation to the room surfaces, and a high cooling effect, even at lower room temperatures, allows a large amount of cold to be stored efficiently in the building structure during low-load periods. The overall result is that Carat gives off more cooling energy during a 24-hour period than a finned battery beam. This means that a lower room temperature can be achieved. 

Carat is a chilled beam that absorbs heat by both radiation and convection. By optimising the beam's radiation quotient, output has been increased by 50% compared to finned battery beams, without increasing the risk for drafts.  

Carat is based on a method that is unique in the world: in a cold-rolling process, the copper pipe is connected by metallurgical bonding to a gilled aluminium sheet. The energy transfer between the cooling surface and the water circuit is made more efficient, which results in a high cooling effect per surface unit. The technology for the metallurgical bonding of copper and aluminium renders galvanic corrosion impossible. 

Carat is available in widths from 31 cm to 84 cm. The length can vary from 1.2 m to 6.0 m. 

Carat provides a high cooling effect per surface unit, which leads to resource-efficiency and a low weight for the product. Carat is made of 100% recyclable materials.  

The water pipes are made of copper. Nevertheless, the water should be oxygen-free to prevent corrosion. 

Design Data

Size: Carat is available in five widths: 31, 44, 58, 71 and 84 cm (see Pictures 4 to 8, on page 6). All models are 147 mm high. 

Installation: Carat is mounted horizontally.  

Lengths: Carat is available in lengths from 1.2 m to 6.0 m, in steps of 0.1 m. 

Water connection: Carat is available with a variety of connection dimensions, 10, 12, 15, 22 and 28 mm, depending on the product's width and connection options. 

Surface treatment: Carat is powder-coated. 


Carat—31, Carat-44 and Carat-58

Carat – 71 and Carat- 84  

Full dimensioning detail is available on application 

Installation Data

Carat has a wide range of applications and can be installed in offices, exhibition halls and industrial premises or warehouses. Carat is suitable for both visible and hidden installation. Hidden installation above a perforated suspended ceiling is the most common in office environments. During installation, it is important that the separation between the product and the ceiling be large enough. Otherwise, the output can be reduced because of insufficient air intake. The minimum acceptable distance varies depending on the width of the product. Table 5 and figures 2 to 4 list the minimum installation dimensions that are required for each model, so as to avoid a reduction in Carat's capacity. If the minimum installation dimensions are not met, the cooling capacity of Carat must be reduced in accordance with diagram 6. 


Carat is light, and this makes the product easy to handle during installation. There are two suspension options for Carat. Carat can be installed using either a suspended wire or a threaded rod. Both the suspended wire and the threaded rod are easy to adjust, so as to achieve the necessary measurement between the product and the ceiling. 

Minimum installation dimensions required by respective model to avoid a reduction in capacity 

Model Dimension A (mm) Dimension B (mm) Dimension C (mm)
Carat - 31 45 192 232
Carat - 44 55 202 252
Carat - 58 70 217 267
Carat - 71 85 232 302
Carat - 84 105 252 322

Installation dimensions for Carat

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