Dadanco Active Chilled Beams

The business of Dadanco was purchased by the Climate Technologies group in September, 2012 and now forms an integral part of the groups HVAC business.

Dadanco’s innovative one of a kind technology has been embraced by the Climate Technologies group and has since gone through a development of refinement and enhancement which has served to maintain the Chilled Beam products at a world class level.

Incorporation in to the Climate Technologies business has also exposed the Dadanco product to the extensive research and development facilities and advance production facilities at the Adelaide South Australia plant which has permitted the implementation of an ongoing program for development of new and improved products.

Whilst the technology and design of the product remains the same, the products are now marketed and sold as Climate Technologies Chilled Beams.

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Climate Technologies is owned by Symphony Limited. Cooling the world since 1939, Symphony is one of the world leaders in evaporative cooling with its products sold in 60 countries through 30,000+ retailers and 1000+ distributors around the globe. Fostering a culture of invention, inclusion and inspiration, Symphony have continually been at the forefront of innovation delivering its customers futuristic product designs with a relentless commitment to energy conservation.

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