Active Chilled Beams


The move towards metric ceiling grids at 500mm module is leading designs towards adopting a typical 1500x500mm nominal dimension  unit for modern designs. 

At time of writing, Climate Technologies ACB45 is the only fully EuroVent approved specifically certified 500mm module unit available, successfully tested for indoor thermal comfort and capacity at Climate Technologies state of the art climatic laboratories based in Salisbury, South Australia and used on today’s iconic building projects.  Available in a range of sizes, the ACB45 can be configured to meet the cooling demands of the most demanding of Australian commercial developments. 

The indoor thermal comfort has additionally been enhanced by the addition of air discharge distribution vanes, adjustable from the occupied zone, to create a range of different “throw” patterns to enhance the dispersion of cooled (or heated) air into the space to give better uniformity and avoid colliding air paths, or simply to be able to “tweak” the system if required to assist the users of the building to feel more comfortable. 

Sensible cooling capacity of the unit will approach 1kW/m of beam by use of reduced primary air temperatures to 13°C by virtue of the fact that all ACB units can have insulated plenums, a feature not available as standard on other chilled beams available on the market.  

Available in 2-pipe (cooling only) or 4-pipe (cooling and heating), the units offer a wide flexibility of use.

ACB46 and H 

Being the backbone of the ACB range, the ACB46 unit has undergone design improvements replacing the older ACB40 unit, improving on performance and delivery of cooling at enhanced comfort levels.  This 600mm module unit is now available from 600mm long to 2400mm long with the flexibility to adapt to the most demanding of design applications. 

The air dispersion vanes, insulated plenums and format availability for 2-pipe or 4 pipe can also be added to the ACB46 to enhance the outputs further. 

The ACH46H further improves upon the standard item by having a fully accessible drop down battery to aid cleaning, and therefore can be used in non-invasive areas in healthcare applications.  Cleaning in healthcare applications is often done on an annual “deep clean” where the chilled beam can be easily accessed to comply with the strictest codes for hospital use.


Less commonly seen these days are one way discharge units, as the cost of supplying primary air and chilled water to a one way discharge unit is less attractive as to stay within comfort conditions, the primary air is limited to avoid excessive drafts or noisy operation.  However where needed, the highly efficient, insulated and whisper quiet units are available from Climate Technologies. 

About Climate Technologies

Climate Technologies is owned by Symphony Limited. Cooling the world since 1939, Symphony is one of the world leaders in evaporative cooling with its products sold in 60 countries through 30,000+ retailers and 1000+ distributors around the globe. Fostering a culture of invention, inclusion and inspiration, Symphony have continually been at the forefront of innovation delivering its customers futuristic product designs with a relentless commitment to energy conservation.

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