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As Australia’s only locally manufactured chilled beam producer, Dadanco has redesigned its range of heating, cooling and ventilation products to perform to the strictest of design requirements in accordance with ISO7730:2005 using CBCA best practice design parameters with the fully EuroVent certificated and approved products. We are very proudly a privately owned Australian company dedicated to manufacturing world class chilled beams in our Adelaide, SA manufacturing facility.  

Using proven technology we create the best solutions for energy efficiency, indoor thermal comfort and aesthetics. Where finished systems have been reviewed, using the latest thermal modelling software, results show that chilled beams are also the most energy efficient HVAC solution available for today’s commercial office, healthcare and education developments, assisting the attainment of Green star status and offering long term sustainability with minimised energy consumption.

 We are ISO9001 accredited so all of our procedures and processes are strictly controlled and we constantly strive to introduce improvements and refinements to ensure that Dadanco Chilled beam portfolio is synonymous with quality and innovation.


Active Chilled Beams

Combining airside sensible cooling and induced waterside sensible cooling through the use of patented nozzles and optimised configurations, active chilled beams allow the introduction of this combined cooling/heating/ventilation airflow into the occupied zone in a “whisper quiet” and unobtrusive way, maintaining very low air velocities in accordance with CBCA best practice and ISO7730 comfort levels for today’s demanding indoor environments.

Using the primary air velocity and plenum pressure as the driver of the system, the chilled beam range creates induced room air through careful selection of the nozzle size/type/distribution which draws the warmer room air over a fincoil unit supplied with chilled water, thus not only providing ventilation, but additionally cooling the space with far lower primary air volumes normally associated with VAV type systems.  This significantly reduces fan energy, saving on energy bills, being more efficient by using chilled water to deliver cooling as water has a significantly higher thermal capacity than air.

These can be CICB (Ceiling integrated) or installed in exposed conditions with the use of Coanda wings to ensure correct design airflows.

Maintenance is a key feature of chilled beams, requiring cleaning every 4-5 years comprising a wipe down of all painted surfaces, and by use of the swing down underplate, the coil can be accessed for vacuuming to remove any attracted dust.  Fitting a lint screen improves this having only the screen to clean, protecting the fincoil from accidental damage that could occur.  Lint screens are a feature of the ACB range which is not readily available from other manufacturers.

The company is still very proudly Australian owned and operated with a manufacturing facility in Salisbury, South Australia


Passive Chilled Beams

Based originally on Solar collector technology, the Lindab Carat RPCB uses sensible waterside cooling technology to deliver cooling in 2 important ways; 35% radiant absorption and 65% convection.

Unlike other passive cooling technology where the heat exchanger simply cools air which drops down onto the occupants below, Radiant Passive technology is seen more of a heat remover allowing far greater cooling to levels up to 100W/m2 at superior indoor thermal comfort, adhering to CBCA best practice and ISO7730 indoor thermal comfort, delivering the lowest energy consumption HVAC schemes available today.

Our aim has always been, and will continue to be, to provide cooling systems that strive to maximise energy efficiency and reduce operating costs whilst delivering effective and consistent cooling. Bonaire is proud to be Australian made and owned


Induction Units

With time tested induction unit technology, our range of Ceiling Mounted, Floor Mounted or Horizontally Mounted units will deliver heating/cooling/ventilation to spaces with a range of requirements. Using design parameters similar to active chilled beams they can produce comfort orientated indoor conditions, or using higher primary air volumes and pressures these units can be used to deliver HVAC options for transit areas such as Airports, Auditoriums etc.



With state of the art facilities within our Adelaide operation, we offer the opportunity to model the design space environment and ensure the design intent is delivered before installation on site commences.

The laboratory is set up to give definitive heating and cooling outputs with an emphasis on modelling air velocities to ensure the correct comfort conditions are produced, confirm low turbulence intensity and adherence to the relevant test standards is ensured.



One of the cornerstones underpinning the chilled beams from Climate technologies is our technical support for unit selections at initial design stage and producing concise technical schedules which assist right through to product commissioning support at site. At all levels of our company, from the production floor to our sales and management staff, integrity and professionalism mark the way we do business.

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